Create Folders inside a repository in Github

shrimali senevirathna
2 min readJul 22, 2020


This is a common question if you are new to Github and if you want to create more folders on different topics inside your repository to categorize some your projects.

So how we can create folders. So this is simple and here I have explained how I created folders in step by step.

When you search for GitHub we can see the link go through it and log in to your account.

After a successful login, you can see your dashboard and on the dashboard there we can see some famous repositories.

Then go to the repository that you want to create new folders which are already created or else create a new repository with the name you need.

For this example, I will create a repository called Test.

Inside the Test repository, Click create Add file and then create a new file.

Here give the folder name you want to create with a ‘/ ’ mark and then add a file ( As Git doesn’t store empty folders) for it. Here as the example, I am adding a text file called filename.txt

Then commit the changes. So after that, you can see the folder we created inside your repo.

So like this, you can make many folders inside your repository as you like. Hope this will help you in your works to maintain a quality repository in Github.