shrimali senevirathna
3 min readMar 26, 2020

According to the Oxford dictionary a framework is known as an essential supporting structure of a building, vehicle, or object.In another words, A framework is a structure that forms a support or frame for something.It is simply like we are using some iron frame to built a house.So now what is a software Framework? Software framework , is a platform for developing software applications. It provides a foundation to build software.

There are so many ?

Yes…There are so many frameworks that developers are using today.Why?Today there are so many programming languages and the needs of the developers has become vast .So that , people started to contribute in open source projects and they developed many new versions of the frameworks.All frameworks are being built to facilitate developer so they could concentrate on more complex things.

Most of the people who are using have said that Frameworks are much easier to learn and work.The maintenance and the upgradability is guaranteed when using the frameworks and also it allows developers to build interactive web applications.When considering a web app,It has a front end(client-side) as well as a back end (server-side).So there are back end frame works as well as front end frame works.

Some of the back end frame works are Express, Django, Rails , Laravel ,Spring and there are many more.Among them my favourite is Laravel. But don’t worry it may vary according to your preference.

Some of the front end frame works are Angular , React , Vue , Ember , Backbone.I have used Angular , React and Vue.

Likewise every programming languages has their own frameworks. For C#, dot net framework and for Java EE, the most popular one is java Spring framework.Most frameworks are built by some big companies to manage their applications. For example Angular built by Google, React library built by Facebook , Bootstrap framework created by Twitter.They open sourced those projects so everyone can use those.And also in some cases there are frameworks which are created by the community.The Best example is the Vue JS framework.

Specially, JavaScript has the most frameworks. In JavaScript it is no wonder if you heard that the framework you use in the last month is outdated after a month .That’s how fast new frameworks created for JavaScript of the frame works that i mentioned above like React ,Vue Angular are JavaScript frameworks.

Let me explain why is it considering as the Framework is a tool with already built in with functions to use with our code.

For example,Let’s talk a bit about angular which is a JavaScript framework. Angular framework comes with everything you need to built a single page web application. It has router module, and Forms modules, built in form validation.when you use angular framework, you don’t need to write a regex to check an email address is valid or not .Forms module contains everything you need.There are almost no need of third party codes when we use angular

So what is the Best frame work to use .It is a Problem now you are having after reading this.Actually ,We don’t have to be confused over this matter. That is true we can’t work on all those frameworks of course.So we would have to choose one according to our project requirements.For that we would have to analyze them closely .I am sure you will find the best framework for your development journey.

Written by Shrimali Senevirathna